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Changing the Wi-Fi password of your Belkin router

A Wi-Fi password is essential if you would like to connect your device directly to your Wi-Fi and then restrict the amount of users who could connect to your own Wi-Fi. This guide can assist you in altering your Belkin router password. It's encouraged that your computer has been hardwired into a router when performing those measures.To understand how to see the Wi-Fi configurations of your Belkin router login, then click here.NOTE: you need to reconnect them with the password. To understand how to join your Windows® computer for your own Wi-Fi, click the link. For Mac® users, then just click here.Step 1:Launch a web browserStep 2:For directions, click here.QUICK TIP: If You've Got a Belkin Router Manager set up, right-click onto it and then choose Router Settings. Step 3:You'll be asked to log with the router admin password. In case you haven't put a customized password, then simply leave the Password field blank then click on Publish .NOTE: The router administrator pa…