How to Belkin Router Login

Gone will be the days which you'll need a CD to access your router software. However, from the brand new lineup of Belkin routers come with another strategy for the Belkin router login workflow. Here's how:

  1. Connect your device to your router. If you're using a laptop or computer, we recommend you to work with a wired connection through a LAN cable.
  2. Open your browser and then enter your Belkin router's IP address. The usual IP address used is or kind router. In case your router IP address has changed, you might check it using these measures.
  3. What makes Belkin router distinct is the fact that it doesn't ask you to key in a default . It is going to instantly property you to the Belkin router loginadmin home page.

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Changing your Belkin router password

Belkin routers appear to get built for user convenience. After you start the router web interface, you will readily find the Belkin router login configurations button set on the perfect side of the page. Once clicked, it is going to show the edit panel.

Belkin Router Reset: Why Do It?

It's a terrible practice to reset your router every moment. In actuality, we recommend it to function as very last resort in troubleshooting your apparatus. Here are some cases that will require one router reset:

You forgot that your router password. This is the most typical reason why resets are finished. Whenever possible attempt to produce a password which you recall well. You may also attempt to write it on a sheet of paper.

Having trouble with updating your router firmware. When a reset occurs, it adjusts the new firmware the moment it is back to the operation. An upgrade may bring new improvements to your apparatus. So be sure that you always upgrade it if it is available.

When the Led lights are blinking. Blinking of those LED lights indicates what happens to the router itself. If you aren't doing anything and it blinks into a different pattern, then something is up. You could be waxed or router experiences an internal error.

There are numerous ways that you may perform a reset on your router. It is possible to do it manually or via your browser. Follow the steps below to reset your router:

The traditional reset is through the small button located at the rear of your router. It is intentionally brightly to prevent unwanted effects, Thus to press on it you might need to use the tip of a paper clip or earring.


Press the refresh button to 10 seconds. Wait until the blinking lights connect. As soon as the LED lights are stable so that the reset was successful. You will then reconfigure your modem afterward.

Restore factory settings through your browser:

You can also reset your Belkin router login through the web interface.

Login into your router's interface. Locate Advanced Settings in the lower part of the dashboard.

Under Utilities section Click Restore Factory Settings. Clicking this will reset your router entirely. A warning window will appear and advancement comes after it.

Other routers also use a similar process to do just a factory default reset on your router. Read more about this on our manuals for Verizon, Ubee, and AT&T.

Best Features

Regardless of some difficulties going around the world wide web, Belkin routers still make it to people's houses. Here are some of the features that make this brand stand-out:

This feature allows parents to control the websites their children can see. This is very important especially today that explicit material is rampant.

The double bands operate simultaneously (2.4GHz and 5GHz). You might just take full advantage of the with devices that can handle AC connection.

Guest network. You can establish a different network for the guests with no password for advantage.

Budget-Friendly. Of all of the features this tops all of them. Possessing a fair performance with cheaper value is really a creep.


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